Karen Brady is a business lawyer Arvada CO recognizes as a valuable community member. Karen Brady P.C. is a law firm that focuses on helping small businesses with their transactional legal needs at every stage of the life of a small business. The City of Arvada has grown substantially over the last decade, and it promises to continue expanding and being a vital part of Colorado. We welcome new clients to our legal practice, and we cherish our loyal and existing clients. Call us today at (303) 420-2863 to find out how we can be of assistance to you and your small business. We offer a free and confidential first consultation with our attorney, Karen Brady.

When You Need to Choose a Business Type

Some businesses need a business attorney just at the start, forming their entity and crafting the necessary agreements between the owners. For a business owner contemplating buying an existing business or plan on a business startup, our business lawyer can help understand the difference between a corporation and a limited liability company, an S corp or a partnership, and the consequences of choosing among them. Where there are multiple owners our services as business attorney can include designing and drafting the shareholders agreement or operating agreement so there is a clear understanding of what happens when an owner dies, retires, or wants to leave the small business. When you need the legal help of a business lawyer Arvada, CO professionals turn to, call us at (303) 420-2863.

Commercial Business Transfers

Some of our clients don’t start out as business clients, having come to us for our estate planning expertise to complete their will or living trust. But they come to realize that they need the same services of a business lawyer Arvada CO businesses have used to help protect them with their rental property, vacation home, or inherited farmland.

When a small business owner is ready to sell their business or transfer it to their successors, they need a business lawyer to help with that. We can draft or review the sales agreement, craft a succession plan, and help you dissolve your corporation or limited liability company. When there is an amicable split between business owners, our business attorney can help with that as well. A business lawyer in Arvada, CO from Karen Brady P.C. will be happy to meet with you and formulate a strategic and legally sound succession plan.

Commercial Business Purchases

When a company purchases another business, there can be a lot of moving legal parts. To protect your investment, it may be wise to consider hiring a business lawyer Arvada, CO community members recommend for safeguarding their commercial investments. Karen Brady P.C. can provide legal services from start to finish. If you need financing for your purchase, we can review all financing and refinancing contracts to make sure your rights are protected. When it comes to state and federal employment laws, we are well versed in their application and nuances. Our legal team also works hard to stay ahead of pending legislation that may impact our business clients. We work proactively to make sure that our clients are protected by laws and not hurt by them. Whether it’s lease agreements, business taxation, or other matters that concern you, you can benefit from working with a business lawyer Arvada, CO recognizes as an integral part of the community. We work hard to represent our clients and help our neighbors in this wonderful city that we call home.

Business Contracts

In between the start and finish of business ownership, smart business owners know to consult an attorney in crafting or reviewing all contracts, including leases, vendor contracts, and customer agreements. A small business with employees also requires regular review of its practices and agreements. These regular legal needs are why we have our Business Care Plan which allows small businesses to know that their business lawyer will provide expected legal services for an annual cost. This way there are no surprise legal fees. We call it being “on your side, but not on your payroll” and we know that this makes us a business lawyer Arvada CO businesses can count on.


While we don’t handle litigation cases, if a small business ends up in a legal dispute we can help advise on an initial response and find appropriate litigation counsel, because we know not to dabble outside our area of legal expertise and stick to where we excel helping our clients with their legal transaction needs. We will make every effort to be the business lawyer Arvada, CO companies can trust to protect their best interests. We will also work very hard to resolve your legal issues without having to resort to litigation which can be time consuming as well as costly.

Our Clientele

Our small business range from owners of rental properties to ice cream parlors. Some of our business clients are one man shops, while others may have multiple owners or dozens of employees. Regardless of the size of your company, we offer personalized legal services suitable to your needs. If your business is steadily growing, we take that into account when providing our legal expertise. Karen Brady is an Arvada business lawyer who welcomes new clients of any size. We are happy to work with all members of the Arvada community.

The Law Offices of Karen Brady P.C.

If you are unsure whether or not a business lawyer Arvada, CO offers can be of benefit to you and your company, we invite you to call us at (303) 420-2863 to request a consultation. During this meeting, which can be held in person or by phone, you can discuss your needs with Karen Brady. Whatever the size or product you specialize in, we offer the initial consultation at no cost. We do this so that small businesses can come to understand why our law firm prides itself on being a business lawyer Arvada CO small businesses knows and trusts.